NBFC / Microfinance Software

NBFC / Microfinance Software

Our NBFC software eases a closely controlled result that offers enduring and accurate commissions and maturity amounts result.

Non-Banking Financial Organizations are growing at a very fast pace over the last 10 years. Numerous companies have emerged themselves as a global leader among the rest competitors. Keeping this in mind, Biz Technologies has developed the best NBFC software that will modernize MIS, FD, RD, Debenture and etc, more expediently and improve efficiency of the organization.

Superior, Hasty & Consistent for Non-Banking Financial Management

  • Accessible, Potent & Precise

  • Payment Tracking & Calculation

  • Easy Late Fee Collection

  • Miscellaneous Fee Collection System

  • Effortless Payment Post Options

  • Loan Amount Management

  • Check Installment Date & Amount

  • Overdue

  • Payroll

  • Agent Commission Statement

  • Customized as per client’s need

  • Financial Accounting

  • Detail Graphical Report

  • Monthly Statements

  • Payment History

  • 24×7 Technical Assistance

  • Integrated with Email & SMS System

This software for banking facilitates you to spotlight on better business decision as well as save energy and time. Its user-friendly advantages works best for finance and banking organizations that are seeking for a standardize solution with account management.

Benefits of NBFC / Microfinance Software

  • Help to get achievement quickly.

  • Provide maximum and guaranteed ROI.

  • Easy to use Software and 100% secure.

  • Online system assists better customer connection.

  • Help business growth.

  • Flexible and fits your budget.

  • Lessens total process time for ordering.

Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFC) in India or overseas that are looking for customized Microfinance software for better customer relationship and presence must reach us. Our fully dedicated and qualified developers are competent to offer you NBFC software solution as per your need.